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In this article, you will find everything that is happening in Italy.

1.     Uefa and FIGC to tackle racism in football.

Call it racism or anti-notional activity, but the top managerial roles of Uefa and FIGC-Italian Football Federation has no black people in it. The two great institutions of Italy that always said that they are the first ones to eradicate the racism from Italy are now portraying very high racism in its own delegacy. In Uefa Executive Committee, which is the supreme body of the institution all are white Europeans, the legacy of anti-racism was broken in 2016 but looks like it is again following the same old culture. There are conflicts in games that are not new, which is why many people have turned to online games to eliminate this. See addresses the news in more detail. There are many voices coming up against this issue, and many learnt men are advising best practices to end racism in Italy. It is not just limited to the bigger institutions but also is practised in many minor organizations.


2.    Sustainable food production is the major concern of Italy

As you all are aware of the consequences of climate change and global warming. It has contributed to the substantial depletion of the food resources in the globe. The impacts of climate change in 2019 is very high, and the world is planning to hold a protest calling the governments around the world to do something to stop the effects of global warming and changing climate on the food sources and living environment. With climate change and global warming, there is a high possibility that our health will be affected by this problem. This is considered a real threat with terrible consequences for our earth and health. From causes to prevention, we can learn the facts we need to know in thecompleteherbalguide. One of the organizations in Italy, the Barilla Centre for Food and Nutrition has come up to tackle and resolve the problems related to food and fodder. The entire globe knows that the immense emission of greenhouse gas into the atmosphere is directly contributing to the lower outcome of the yield. Click this

Sustainable food

3.    King Kong, ET and Alien on display at Carlo Rambaldi exhibition

ET, the Alien and King Kong are now in an exhibition in Rome. The man who created these most popular characters artist Carlo Rambaldi has his creation exhibited in the very own Carlo Rambaldi exhibition.  This Italian artist learned how induces life into the characters he created. His passion was overwhelmed by extraordinary efforts and designs. Check it out and learn more about how his life becomes an inspirational story for the world.

4.    Thousands of Italy’s anti-Salvini “Sardines” protest in Rome

This time it is not the party or any association, but it is the young adults who are on the streets. They have filled an Italy’s major squares to protest against the far-right leader Matteo Salvini. The uniqueness of the protestors is they call themselves “sardines”. Sardines is a tiny fish that makes a move in packs and needs to stay together to fight bigger enemies. It is a peaceful protest that is carried out in silence without harming the day to day running of the government. The Sardines now has become the national movement. Thousands of people gathered in Rome to protest and presented their manifesto on Saturday.

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