Horse racing tips you can use to improve your game

If you are a fan of horse racing then you know all too well that betting on a particular horse can be both exciting and nerve-wracking at the same time. You might not always walk away a winner however, there are some tips that you can apply to improve your game. In this blog post, we will be discussing five horse betting tips that you can incorporate into your betting strategy to increase your chances of winning. We will cover everything from analysing the horses running style to the importance of the horse’s pedigree, so keep reading.

Look for horses with a good running style

Many people don’t recognize the importance of the horse’s running style when placing bets however this is a very important factor. If you know the running style of each horse, you can visualize how the race will play out which will give you a better idea of how to bet. When analysing running style, you’ll notice that thoroughbred horses tend to settle into a particular style of running and when you compare each horse by their running style, you can open up the door to greater betting opportunities. This is also an easy way to improve your betting strategy so you must focus your attention on the following:

  1. Running style of each horse in the race.
  2. Determine how many horses have the same style as well as which horse stands out.
  3. Based on the information you’ve gathered, try visualizing how the race will pan out.

The front runners in the race are the horses who like to go full throttle from start to finish and are usually who people bet their money on.

Bets on horses that have been recently trained well

When betting, you cannot just make your decision based solely on the horse, you must also keep eyes on the trainer because a horse that has a good trainer who trains the horse well, is worth your bet because it shows that the trainer has put in plenty of hard work to prepare the horse for the race. Successful trainers who heed successful results will generally be the ones training winning horses which is a better bet compared to a trainer who has little to no experience. Even if you aren’t too informed about the actual horses, you are still able to make a well informed bet by choosing horses that have been well trained. Ultimately, it comes down to being proactive about your research as well as taking advice from experts as well as more experienced bettors. This will increase your chances of winning money on the particular race.

Consider the horses pedigree

The horse’s pedigree is the breed of the horse as well as the breeding history that is generally represented in the form of a chart. When looking at a pedigree you need to look at the mother and the father of the horse, known as the sire and the dam. The general rule of thumb is that if the parents are fast runners, the offspring will be fast too. The pedigree of a horse can go back several generations, even centuries and if you want to make a more informed bet, you will not ignore this factor. Some websites allow you to research the horse’s pedigree which is important because knowing the horse’s breeding history can help you determine if it’s worth the bet or not. Fun fact: Secretariat is considered the most famous racehorse of all time with an impressive winning history, followed closely by Man o’ War who won all except 1 out of 21 races.

Bet on races you know something about

Avoid betting on races you lack knowledge on, rather choose races you have knowledge on as well as intelligence that others might not know of. Research is key here and can help increase your winning chances. Never be afraid to ask for advice but most importantly, have fun!

Use your head, not just your heart when betting

Gambling can be addictive which can easily lead to financial problems because the chances of losing money is high. It’s important to leave all emotions aside and use your head instead. Also apply discipline and avoid chasing your losses and stick to your budget.


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